Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boat maintenance

Well it's that time of the year again when everyone is thinking about getting there tackle ready for the season! However; don't forget the most important thing besides tackle , your boat!!!  

Here is the laundry list that any boat owner should live by when spring time roles around and your thinking of getting your boat out on the water for the frat time.

-first and foremost you will never leave the dock if your motor doesn't want to run.
Things to check or change on your motor:
-  always change your fuel filter first thing every spring
- check and or change spark plugs
- always start your motor if possible at home on the garden hose to make sure all is running well.
- gas !! Biggest issue these days with the high ethanol count, I like to hand pump out ten gallons from my tank off the gas line leading to the motor , to get rid of any phase separation of the gasoline, and to make room for fresh high octane gas to mix in before running it.

Safety equipment:
- always make sure you flares, life vests, fire extinguisher , anchor, throwable device are all in the boat and up to date.

Trailer maintenance:
-Check your wheel bearings on trailer bad day if you blow off a tire.
- if they are grease bearings re pack them, or if oil bath hubs change out oil.
- make sure tires are properly inflated!
- check trailer lights for proper operation!
- also make sure trailer registration is up to date, along with the boat registration.

Bilge pump:  make sure it turns on!

These are the basics one should cover before hitting the water. Happy boating, remember keep your  lines tight and hook sets are free.

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